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About us

We are here to help you raise happy and healthy pets

We all need support through the most important period of our pets: the early years

This website is dedicated to the animal and creature enthusiasts who spots a creature and wants to ensure that it thrives in their environment but haven’t yet figured out how to interpret ambiguous care instructions and conflicting advice.

     Since every species has a variety of unique requirements and preferences, this platform cannot serve as the final manual for caring for each and every pet. Furthermore, as we develop and change, every companion and the way we care for them must also change.

     The fundamental requirements of your pet will never change, even though there will always be a new book, article, and expert to inform you what is in and what is out. (even as we better understand what those needs are).


We support
'Ethical Pet Ownership'

Dogs, Cats, Freshwater Fishes, Birds, Rodents, Reptiles, Horses—one of these animals probably comes to mind when we think of the pets that people have in their lives.
        In America alone, around 85 million people—or about 69 percent of households—report having pets. Dogs are the most common pets and account for almost half of all households.

Cats are the next most common companion animal, sharing the homes of roughly 35 percent of the population, while horses and  aquatic beauties each account for around 2 percent.

Nonetheless, there is the basic question of whether animals should be kept as pets at all.

        Ethicists contend against keeping animals as pets—which are living, breathing and feeling apperceptive beings—for a variety of reasons. They mention statistics showing that many of the owners never take their pet to the veterinarian, either for wellness checks or when illness strikes.

        Owning and fostering a pet is a beneficial and rewarding experience for many people, but it is also a complex matter.

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